See what our candidates are saying about our Harpy Touch process

"I had the pleasure of meeting one of the recruiters for Harpy HR solutions. She gave me all the support I needed! I definitely recommend Harpy HR! Very trustful company!!"

                                                                                                                                              - Nicole S.

"Since the first time I spoke to one of the recruiters on the phone, several months ago, she was always very polite, professional and kind. She was really interested in finding the right position for the right candidate. By that time they did not have a position according to my profile, but she kept me at the database. After a few months she called me inviting me for an interview and she was able to remember my name, profile, the content of our first conversation and other details that only a person that cares about people could remember. While I was going through all the necessary steps, the Harpy Team were very clear in regards to the requirements and expected background and experience for the position. They were also always making sure that I had time availability to go through the next step. The support all the team provided, including one of the Director's Ricardo and specially the recruiter, was AMAZING! It is hard to describe in words the type of support they provide, before and after the interviews with the employer, always giving hints and how to behave on such a challenging environment. They really respect and appreciate dealing with people and, I would say, love what they do! For this reason they are a great company to work with! I would definitely recommend Harpy HR Solutions to anyone who is seeking for a new job or employment opportunity."

                                                                                                                                                  - Alfredo G.


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