3 ways to advance your career in a Startup company

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Collaborate, do not compete

There is an old mindset which says that to grow you need to know more than your colleges, not sharing good practices. This thinking, however, is increasingly losing strength and even turning a negative attitude in the eyes of various companies.

In a startup, collaboration is crucial. People are together for a common goal, and when they work as a team, they can grow - especially if the company is just getting started.

Whenever you can, share what you know by supporting your colleagues growing up. This even creates a "chain of good," where those who are helped want to help later. Also, whoever shares ends up becoming a reference to others, which also helps to stand out and grow.

Know the whole strategy

Not being able to understand the entire strategy, looking at the belly button itself is a poor attitude for someone who wants to grow up with the company.

An excellent way to get the whole view is to be close to your leader and also to key people from other areas. Thus, you will understand more of the business in general, opening your horizons and facilitating paths.

So being aware of what is happening and also empathizing with others as leaders and decision-makers help you to be aligned and also to buy ideas more easily. Of course, here too we expect leaders to do well this role of providing the necessary transparency whenever possible.

Raise your own bar

Stand out in the market is not for everyone. Growing big and fast is for companies that dedicate themselves above average. Consequently, this applies to whoever is inside them.

A simple way is to think: if I already do my job well, how can I do it even better? Can I improve my knowledge, take courses and read books? It's an option. Alternatively, is there more than I can absorb than my primary function?

It is worth talking with colleagues and leaders to find activities that not only contribute more and solve more problems, but that makes you develop as a professional.


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