Candidate experience: Why You Should Care

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

What is the candidate experience? Candidate experience is defined as how job seekers perceive and react to employers’ sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes.” And these candidate ‘feelings’, whether good or bad, influence candidates in their decision to apply to your company or accept your job offer.

Why You Should Care

A negative candidate experience would also negatively impact their next actions. A majority would be more likely to never apply to that company again or to turn down a job offer. Even worse, 59% would tell others not to apply —and 42% would go so far as not to buy the company’s products or services.

Candidate Experience During the Interview Process

Interviewing and screening are significant parts of candidate experience. Recruiters and hiring managers should avoid asking irrelevant questions because candidates tend to perceive this as unfair. The further you get from the job description in your questioning, the worse it will be for your candidate experience.

Some tips to improve candidate experience at each stage of the hiring process:

  • Make sure you’re hiring to fill a real need

  • Write clear job descriptions

  • Make it easy for candidates to apply to your jobs

  • Follow-up early and often

  • Communicate with (and thank) candidates during each step of the hiring process

  • Give candidates information about what to expect at in-person interviews

  • Give candidates your full attention at interviews

  • Tell candidates if you’re no longer considering them, as soon as you can

  • If you want to keep specific candidates in mind for future openings, keep track of them

  • Be open to giving (and receiving) feedback

Candidate Experience Statistics to Think About

  • The average candidate uses 16 resources while searching for a new job (CareerBuilder)

  • 44% of candidates subscribe to job alerts (Indeed)

  • 50% of candidates were asked about their job-specific skills during their online applications, and less than one-third were asked to take assessments (The Talent Board)

  • 53% of candidates received an offer less than one week after their last interview (The Talent Board)

  • 70% of employers do not provide more than an interviewers’ name or background (The Talent Board)

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