Competency-based model: the best way to make hirings

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

"Competency" is a concept linking three parameters - Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. Competency-based selection is a process of evaluating candidates' behavioral attributes—as well as their skills and knowledge—by using role-based models and structured interviews to determine their fit for a position. Hiring employees based on competency profiles can help prevent bad hires and turnover.

If you hire just for technical competencies and if your new hires do not align with the company's guiding principles and culture or the role's behavioral skills, you're setting them up for failure.

Competency models can be incorporated into job descriptions to attract the right candidates for open positions and then, recruiters and hiring managers can integrate the models into the candidate interview process, identifying core competencies.

Competency-based interviews are interviews where each question is designed to test one or more specific skills. The answer is then matched against pre-decided criteria and marked accordingly.

Defining competencies for new hires can help set goals, identify areas for professional development, make decisions about promotions, and relocate employees in the case of an organizational restructuring.


Looking to hire your next top-talent? We provide our clients with a personalized competency-based hiring methodology to find the best professionals for their vacant positions.


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