Focus on skills to identify the top talents for your company

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

The U.S. economy has experienced record-low unemployment. Companies are leading the search for the small number of qualified candidates by increasing pay to attract talent, refocusing on retention and succession planning. Replacing a lost employee can cost several weeks of salary and work can remain unfinished while positions are vacant.

Employee retention starts with strategic recruitment. Hiring the right people for your company is the best way to start retention.

To help your businesses succeed, we would like to share one insight that will change your mindset by finding top talents: focus on skills, not pedigrees.


Keep requirements in the job posting to what’s truly essential. Hiring for fit rather than technical mastery of the role.

Try to identify the core competencies needed for any job. The question is, how much of that must someone possess when they sit in the chair on day one versus how much can be trained or taught? Make sure that the person has the necessary soft skills to navigate the workplace, and then train for the rest.


Resumes won’t necessarily reveal a candidate’s creativity, willingness to work hard and love of learning. A candidate’s potential is far more relevant than any skill pedigree they may show up with.

What are the critical soft skills?

1. Communication: communication skills should never be under-estimated in recruitment. Communication means giving and receiving different kinds of information, to understand and be understood, coupled with the willingness and ability to listen.

2. Collaboration: Most resumes focus on individual achievements, but in the majority of roles you will need a team player, someone who is able to collaborate.

3. Creativity: Creativity is one of the most desired skills as it generally brings with it being able to come up with something new, and problem-solving abilities.

4. Flexibility: Flexible candidates demonstrate an ability to think outside the box and the ability to readily respond to changing circumstances and expectations. They adapt to change and challenges rather than remain on a fixed path.

5. Strong work ethic: The top performers have a set of values based on the ideals of discipline, hard work and a determination to achieve targets.

Soft skills will survive the automated future. The jobs that endure will be the types of jobs that are not easily automated, where human reasoning is required.

How about your company? Have you focused on soft skills to find top talents?


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