Ghosting: the new employers' nightmare

Ghosting is when job candidates schedule interviews and never show. Candidates never respond and they don’t provide a reason as to why they didn’t show. Candidates can even accept jobs and don’t show on the first day. These no-shows and mysterious disappearances are happening all around the U.S. in many different industries.

For many years candidates prepared their resumes, cover letters, attended interviews, and waited for answers that never came. Recruiters didn’t respond to candidates who wanted to know their hiring status. Now, the tables have turned. In the U.S. job market, job seekers and workers are in the driver's seat. There are now more job openings than unemployed people, according to the latest report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (June/2018).

So, candidates are being selective, and employers now complaining of a tight labor market.

The employees have been considering some pointers when deciding on a new job, like: benefits, remotely working permission, and opportunities for growth. The ghosting practice is driving employers mad, because companies invest a good deal of time in hiring and the recruiting cycle becomes even more expensive.

There are multiple possibilities for this “ghost” behavior: could be the prospective employer behaves in a way that the candidate interprets as harassment or bullying, the candidate has received another job offer, or something wrong that happened during the interview process etc. In addition to the ghost candidates, another trend that is also worrying companies is the job abandonment. This is when a candidate leaves work without any given notice to the employer. The reasons could be they lack a sense of obligation to the company, or a trend to avoid conflict.

To try to minimize this situation employers need to be more assertive in the hiring process. They should think more than the job description while also thinking about the company’s culture, the candidate’s skills, abilities, attitudes, improve the benefits, the workplace environment, and the flexibility.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, SHRM


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