Have the candidates responsiveness for the US promising job market?

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

by Carolina Leitão

Our Recruiter

Candidates US promising job market

The US marketplace seems to be promising as never before. The unemployment rate downtrend shows clearly that job positions have consistently being fulfilled fast than ever: more job positions for less candidates.

Is this an excellent news? Of course it is.

However are Candidates ready? I am not so sure!

Based on my Recruiter expertise and market observation, I have seen two types of job seekers. Those who are keen to map and monitor trends of hiring skilled workers. And others who don’t exactly know for what to apply but they tend to set preconditions like location, for example.

Regardless their differences, for both the issue is “matching people to the job places”.

Therefore, I challenge myself to write down some tips for the candidates which might be simple but certainly helpful.

Tip #1: Analyze the jobs available in the industry that interest you most. So do your own research towards the work, sector, area that you think is ideal based on your self-recognized skills as well your wishes.

Tip #2: Set well your salary expectation. And consider what benefits would be much desirable and why. Salary and Benefits are important key topics for a job interview.

Tip #3: Consider the costs and distance from home that you will likelihood endeavor every day. I have seen many candidates for those stay hours in the traffic jams it is an unquestionable disadvantage.

So, that’s are my tips for a nice start and for more successful job applications. And remember: Companies look for the easiest and quick match to their open positions and therefore for the Recruiters assertive and reliable resumes to help you find the best-fit job.


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