How Recent Graduates can succeed on a Job Interview

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

When you're a recent graduate or young professional trying to land a great first or second job, interviewing can be a challenge. For entry-level jobs, in general, it's common to have all candidates with the same basic qualifications. So, how you interview usually is the only way to separate yourself from other candidates.

Best impression

Your education and experience, it's not the only things that Recruiters and hiring managers will consider. They often look at how you present yourself and the vibes you give off.

Focus exclusively on how you’re qualified, capable, eager and easy to get along with.

Avoid speaking poorly of a previous employer or anyone else. practice good manners and body language.

Make the best impression on the interviewer. The more you prepare the better chance you'll get at securing a second interview and a job offer.

Share Examples

We’re all hired for our ability to identify problems within our area of responsibility, anticipate them, prevent them where possible and solve them.

Be prepared to share examples about how you put your skills to use, whether in school or the workplace. Recount the day that you made the best of a bad situation. Recall the meeting when everyone was out of solutions and your innovative idea saved the day. Let the interviewer know that you’ve done your research by having three concrete ideas for how you can help the company.

The Questions You Ask

Hiring decisions are based on how you answer questions as well as the questions you ask, which demonstrate your interest and understanding of the job’s essentials.

Show Enthusiasm

Be ready to articulate why you are interested in the job position and organization, how it relates to your goals.

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