How to respectfully quit your job

Currently the US has the lowest unemployment rate in the last 18 years. Employers have faced difficulties hiring new employees and the truth is, the applicants have been sitting in the driver’s seat. Although this market warms up in job opportunities, employees should not forget good manners when leaving a job. Quitting should always be done in a professional and respectful manner. Why? Because you’ll preserve your image and be able to use your last employer as a reference for the future.

Today we are going to give some tips on How To Respectfully Quit Your Job:

• Write your resignation letter, explaining your gratitude for having had the opportunity to work for that company.

• Your manager deserves and needs to be informed first. 

• Give adequate notice.

• Plan how your responsibilities will be transferred over to the new employee or a current co-worker.  

• Stay professional throughout the process and work as hard as you can, until your last day. It will ensure you a smooth transition and a great professional image


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