How to use technology in your favor to make a difference in your next job interview

We live in the technological world. The technologies available now can be used as powerful weapons to help you to succeed in your next interview.

Have you ever tried using your smartphone to record yourself (or having someone else do it) while answering interview questions?

Our tip for you is to record yourself training basic interview questions, such as: describe your most recent position, what’s your greatest career accomplishment, what are your strengths/weaknesses, tell me about yourself, and where do you want to be in the next five years. When you play back the recording, listen to your answers. Are they concise, truthful, compelling, and to the point?

The nervousness of being video recorded is a good practice for being “on” in a job interview. When you play back the recording, you’ll hear every “um,” “you know” and “like” that you say unconsciously. You’ll also see your nonverbal communication: how you sit, your facial expression, how much you fidget, and so forth.

It takes time to video record yourself and analyze the results to reflect on how you can improve. But given the importance of your next interview, why wouldn’t you make the effort?.

Try it yourself!


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