Is your resume written well enough to sell you in less than 7 seconds?

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

If your resume is not in a format that captures the immediate attention of recruiters, they will literally toss it.

According to a recent research, the average screening time for a candidate’s resume is at just 7.4 seconds – which is already an improvement on the 6 seconds average screening time from 2012. As reported in the study, they found that regardless of the competition for talent, recruiters still glance at resumes looking for specific details such as layouts, job titles, text flow, and main keywords used.

Why is this important?

Job seekers should be aware of the time recruiters usually spend looking at resumes, especially if they are currently applying for vacant positions. It’s very important to take the points found in the study into consideration because it could potentially increase candidates’ chances of being chosen among all other applicants. Since our current job market favors the candidates (due to the low unemployment rate), applicants should be investing more time in writing their resume professionally and making sure their skills and achievements are highlighted properly.

Some tips for you

The study shows that top-performing resumes had several key common characteristics.

Focus on writing your resume with simple layouts, with clear sections and title headers, and all written in a clear font. Make sure you have a detailed objective or mission statement at the top of the first page of the resume. Your skills and achievements should also stand out in the first page to catch the recruiter’s attention immediately.

You should not use cluttered layouts and long sentences, multiple columns, and little white space; that makes it nearly impossible for recruiters to go through your resume.


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