Recruiting Strategies in a tight talent market

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Hiring is not like ten years ago. Even five years ago. Today, everyone wants the talent and skills that your company needs — critical thinking, data specialists, digital marketers.

It’s critically important to reassess and re-evaluate the skills required for your business continually. The skills you were recruiting for ten or five years ago are likely totally different from today’s truth. This transformation in talent acquisition tactics requires new and differentiated recruiting abilities, which needs a unique and differentiated mindset.

If you want to fill more positions, get better quality candidates, and decrease your time to hire, here are some of the best recruitment strategies:

Innovate with your recruiting process

Try out something different and innovate with your recruitment. As long as you create something to reach out from the crowd, your possibilities of getting better quality candidates increases.

Cover passive candidates

The top talent is gone from the job market in less than 10 days. That implies that you have to hire fast, at the right time and make an offer quickly. Passive candidates can be a real treasure trove of great talent if used the correct way. Have in mind that passive candidates won’t be as motivated to apply and that they won’t have an updated Resume standing by. Make the application as easy as possible.

Use niche job boards

You need to go to the correct places to find your ideal candidates. Niche job boards are job boards specializing in a particular field. They see less traffic than big websites, so you’ll get fewer candidates, but they will be better quality candidates.

Improve your job interviews

The candidates that reach the interview stage require extra effort – you need to sell them the role, as much as they need a new workplace. Unfortunately, this is where many recruiters fail. Ensure that the candidates get significant questions and information about the position and their skills so that they leave your office interview (or video call) satisfied.

Reach out to great applicants earlier

When you have several talented, experienced candidates who would make an excellent fit for the role, it often comes hard to make a final decision. As for those candidates that didn’t get hired – they would make a great employee for future openings – so keep their contact data handy.

Stay flexible

The competition for talent across all sectors of the economy has grown intense. Workers at every skill level have demanding better from their prospective employers: better pay, better hours, better benefits. For many employees, “better” also signifies “more flexible.” Companies looking to compete for talent are discovering that flexibility is vital.

Not all of these recruitment tactics will work identically well for all companies. To improve your hiring, use these strategies, increase upon them, personalize them, and make them your own and sit back as great candidates come in.

We know that hiring the right talent for your business is not an easy job. If you need help, count on us! We exist to help companies find the best talent for their position through personalized service. We are not a resume-firing machine. We make a thorough and prior analysis of each candidate, and you only analyze the finalists. Together, we find the best talent for your company. Check out our methodology!


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