The first 30 days of employment is an extension of the interview process

You’ve got the job! The first day is approaching and now you’re wondering, “What should I do now?”

The first 30 days of employment is an extension of the interview process. It’s time to establish your professional brand and deliver what you have promised to the company. Here are some key tips to help you be prepared for your first month:

✔️Meet people: Networking is an indispensable ingredient to success. You should never stop doing this. Your first week is key, introduce yourself to everyone in the office. Learn about their professional roles and responsibilities.

✔️Map out a customized organizational chart: Understand the inter-dependencies between functional teams. You will get a good sense of how information and decisions flow, how your work affects the organization, and how important it is to meet people.

✔️Get clarity on your team’s priorities: Talk with coworkers about the priorities. What is the team working on right now? What are the concerns? What can you do to be helpful?

✔️Ask questions, listen, and observe: If you are in doubt, ask a question. It’ll get you up-to-speed much faster than trying to figure it out on your own. Most people will appreciate this, as it shows you have a strong willingness to learn. Do your best to understand the reasoning and the logic behind the procedures.

✔️Ask For Permission To Make Suggestions: Wait until you have a good understanding of their process in the work environment. Then you can offer a suggestion to help the company for the future. Most will feel respected and more likely to be open to your ideas.

✔️Study the company’s culture: Understanding the culture of your organization will help you comply with the organization’s norms. It’ll help you understand if this job is really a good fit for you in the long run.


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