The top five most time-consuming hiring tasks for small business

Recently, LinkedIn published an interesting report about small business and their hiring process. One of the subjects is about the top five most time-consuming hiring tasks.

The result?

Small business spend 30 hours per week on hiring. 7 hours per week just interviewing candidates.

Do you think that is a good idea for a small business to spend 30 hours per week on a hiring process? How about the team? Can they stay focused on their core business functions if they are involved in the hiring process? How about the CEO or the owner? The LinkedIn report also shows that almost 9 out of 10 small business owners have been directly involved in the process of searching, vetting, and interviewing potential employees.

People can drastically make a difference and contribute to business success, but hiring the right person is a challenge. That’s why using a staffing agency is the best option. Recruiters are experts in the field and by using them, small businesses can hire quickly. The owner can spend time on strategy development. The employees stay focused on their functions. After all, the result is: saving time and money, and the right person hired.

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