Tip of the day: Selling Points

There are many ways you can succeed in a job interview. One is to clarify your "selling points." What does this mean? You should walk into every interview with three to five key points in mind about why you are the best candidate for the job.

✔️Ask yourself these questions: “What are the clear connections between this job and my skills?” and “What are the differences between this job’s requirements and my skills?” Very few candidates interviewed have 100% of the qualifications. If you are missing a few requirements, be ready to answer them during the interview.

✔️Don’t forget to tie your answers back to your skills and accomplishments by providing examples of solutions and results you’ve achieved.

✔️Respond truthfully to the questions and keep your answers focused. Your time with the employer is limited so be mindful of rambling.

✔️Think about the contributions you could make to this employer. Try to convince them that you’ll add value to their organization. Once you’ve done that then you’ll ace the interview.

Golden tip:

Be ready to tell the interviewer why you want the job. Include what interests you about the position, what rewards the organization offers that you find valuable, and what abilities the position requires that you have.

If an interviewer doesn’t think you sincerely take interest in the job, he or she won’t give you an offer no matter how good you are!


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