Tips to prepare yourself for a remote job interview

Nowadays, remote job interviews are becoming more common than ever. Not only the candidates who are competing for remote job vacancies go through this type of interview anymore. The technology makes the process a lot faster than before and it can be used as a pre-interview before the face-to-face phase.

Therefore, you should also prepare for this type of interview. However, not being in-person with the interviewer requires you to be aware of some other things. Check out some tips to perform well in a remote interview:

  • Check the software – check what kind of web conferencing software it will be used. Install and it the day before at least.

  • Do a trial run – find ways to test out your headphones and the video software. Make sure you know how to mute your microphone and share your webcam. Select a headphone with a good mic to avoid background noise.

  • Pick your spot – Whether it is at your home office, make sure your location is quiet and private and has good lighting. Check your background and make sure there is nothing in view that can distract the attention of the interviewer.

  • Choose clothing carefully – Dress professionally and be aware of any fabric or jewelry that might rub on your microphone and create a noisy mess.

  • Double-check the time – Make sure you are aware of the interviewer's time zone.

  • Your voice is very important – Since you can’t rely on visuals to convey enthusiasm or interest, speak clearly and with energy.

  • Get a full charge – Keep your laptop plugged in during the interview. Start with a full battery so you have the flexibility to switch locations if you have to.

  • Remove distractions – Avoid those embarrassing meeting fails. No vacuums. No kids. Make sure your environment looks professional.

  • Close programs – Shut down anything non-essential that might compete with your video meeting for internet bandwidth.

Hopefully these tips will help you get ready for your next remote interview! Good luck!!



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